Wraith Scribe vs Copy.ai

Why Wraith Scribe is the goat of AI-generated blog writing

Feb. 16, 2023

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to create content that is both SEO-optimized and engaging? Look no further than Wraith Scribe, a cutting-edge SaaS tool designed specifically to help you generate blog posts with ease. From its advanced AI editor to semantic keyword research capabilities, Wraith Scribe is the perfect choice for digital marketers who want an edge in their content creation game. In this post, we'll be comparing Copy.ai vs Wraith Scribe so that you can decide which one will suit your needs best. We'll discuss topics such as article length, keyword research, editors, keywords insertion and redundancy - all of which make up the features of these two great tools! So let's dive right in and discover what makes Wraith Scribe stand out from its competitor Copy.ai!

What Is Wraith Scribe?

Wraith Scribe is an SEO-optimized blogging tool that offers a range of features to help content creators quickly and easily generate engaging blog posts. With its AI-powered keyword research, maximum word count of 4000+ words, intuitive editor for rephrasing and expanding text, control over manually inserted keywords, lack of redundancies in the generated content and convenient one-click generation process - it surpasses Copy.ai in both quality and effectiveness. Whether you're looking to optimize your online visibility or create high quality content efficiently - Wraith Scribe has got you covered.


Copy.ai only generates 700 words even if you spam / expand the outline, which is much shorter than Wraith Scribe's 4000+ word limit. This means that Copy.ai isn't suitable for lengthy blog posts or extended pieces of content, whereas Wraith Scribe allows you to create more detailed and comprehensive pieces with ease. This can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to SEO optimization as longer articles are typically given higher rankings due to their in-depth information and keyword density throughout the text; something that Copy.ai simply cannot provide with its limited length capacity.

This greater length allows for more detailed and comprehensive coverage of topics in blog posts, making it easier for readers to find answers quickly and understand the content better. Additionally, with its AI-powered editor functions, Wraith Scribe enables users to efficiently expand their articles with relevant keywords or rephrase them into different yet equally meaningful versions without compromising on quality. All these features contribute towards providing a higher level of optimization that helps boost organic reach and gives your post an edge over competitors.

The benefits of longer length when it comes to blog posts are numerous. Firstly, long-form content has been proven to rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs), as opposed to shorter posts. This means that the more words you have on your page, the greater chance you have of ranking higher for certain keywords and phrases related to your topic. Secondly, with a longer post, there is an increased opportunity for engagement from readers who find value in what they read - which can lead to further interaction such as comments or shares by other users on social media platforms. Additionally, long-form content often contains more detailed information about a specific subject than short pieces do and this helps establish both credibility and trust towards the writer or brand associated with it. Finally, having dense articles packed full of great material also makes them easier for marketing teams/managers/bloggers etc..to repurpose into multiple formats including infographics, slideshows etc., helping increase their reach even further still.

With Wraith Scribe, you can choose how long your article should be. From 500 words up to thousands of words if that's the length you need for your project or an assignment. Unlike Copy.ai which randomly generates text without any control over its length, with Wraith Scribe you can decide exactly how much writing there is going to be in whatever document or article it produces. For example, let’s say today I have been asked by my teacher to write a 500-word report on why eating healthy is important - instead of manually sitting down and thinking about what content goes into this report (which would take forever), I simply use something like Wraith Scribe where all I have to do is select “500 words” as the length for my updated paper - and after pressing one button...voila! My fully-written 500-word essay pops up ready for me to present back at school tomorrow morning.

Semantic Keyword Research

Copy.ai does not have any sort of keyword research feature, which can make it difficult for content creators to accurately incorporate important phrases into their blogs. Without access to a comprehensive list of keywords related to the topic, Copy.ai users are limited in terms of finding the right words for their posts that will help boost SEO rankings and engage an audience. Even if a user is familiar with some relevant keywords, Copy.ai will only put in the keywords you provide it without doing any further research. In contrast, Wraith Scribe offers its users advanced AI-powered keyword research tools that provide insights on the best search terms related to their chosen topics to maximize engagement with readers and improve SEO performance on search engines like Google and Bing. And this is all done in the background! If you feed Copy.ai 1 keyword, it'll use 1 keyword. If you feed Wraith Scribe 1 keyword, it'll automatically research top-ranking competitors, analyze their keyword usage for you, and give you the best semantic keyword suggestions when the article's finished generating. This'll let you quickly and easily optimize your SEO. It's made even faster because Wraith Scribe helps SEO-writers by allowing them to sprinkle in specific keywords at key points throughout blog posts quickly by using its one-click tool instead of having to insert all necessary information manually as needed when using any other editor.

AI-powered keyword research has immense benefits for SEO optimization. It enables content creators to get the best out of their blog posts by uncovering hidden opportunities through data-driven insights. Whereas Copy.ai does not have anything like this, Wraith Scribe provides an array of functions that help in targeting more specific keywords and phrases related to the subject matter at hand. Also, it helps incorporate natural variations in your writing which can significantly increase organic reach and engagement with readers. Furthermore, its AI editor allows you to rephrase text or add new words quickly - something that is impossible when using Copy.ai's basic textarea editor alone! Ultimately, Wraith Scribe's AI-powered keyword research feature gives you an edge over other content creators who are relying solely on manual methods to optimize their posts for better rankings on search engines such as Google.


The editor in Wraith Scribe is much more advanced than Copy.ai's editor. It uses AI-powered technology to provide users with an intuitive, powerful way to rephrase and expand their text without having to manually edit every sentence. With the click of a button, you can quickly make adjustments and rewrite entire paragraphs or entire articles at once – saving time and effort while still maintaining quality content that reads naturally. In addition, Wraith Scribe enables you to easily incorporate any keyword into your text with the same ease as using its AI-powered editor – further helping optimize your blog post for SEO purposes. Thanks to these features, it's no wonder Wraith Scribe is the perfect tool for digital marketing professionals looking for a faster way to generate high-quality blog posts in no time at all! The combination of editing power plus keyword integration makes it easier than ever before for marketers to create compelling content that search engines recognize and reward with higher rankings.


When using Copy.ai to generate blog content, you may run into issues with redundancy in the generated text. This can be seen in headings and talking points that are repeated throughout the post or don't contain any unique information at all. As a result, it is difficult for readers to determine if they have read something new or not which leads to confusion and frustration on their part. On the other hand, Wraith Scribe does not have these problems at all.

Wraith Scribe gives you peace of mind that your blog post won't be filled with redundant text. Unlike Copy.ai, Wraith Scribe does not generate any duplicate sections in the same article, ensuring a unique and original output every time. This saves you from having to manually check for redundancy when editing and makes it easier to create SEO-optimized content quickly without sacrificing quality.

What's more, the AI-powered editor can help you expand on ideas while keeping them clear and concise - save time from having to making short ideas more comprehensive yourself. With this feature alone, Wraith Scribe offers a major advantage over Copy.ai by allowing users to produce genuinely unique content for their readers each time. Think about it, if you can:

  • Write a short sentence of an idea you want to expand
  • Ctrl + e to expand it

It's your unique idea! You've just saved a ton of time not having to elaborate and explain and expand on it yourself.

Ease Of Use

Generating content with Copy.ai is a complex process that involves selecting an article type, entering keywords and topics, and then vetting the generated outline before finally reviewing each of the talking points. Since its editor is just a basic textarea without AI-powered features or any keyword integration options, it's difficult to quickly improve or expand on generated content in one click. Additionally, there have been some reported cases where Copy.ai produces redundant headings and talking points which may not be ideal for SEO purposes and can make your post seem unnatural when read aloud by humans. In comparison to Wraith Scribe's automated 1-click blog generation feature, however, Copy.ai's process appears more time-consuming than necessary. The lack of an editor also gives users less control over their final output as well as potentially producing lower quality articles in comparison to Wraith Scribe's AI-assisted writing workflow.

Using Wraith Scribe is much simpler than Copy.ai when it comes to creating content. To generate a blog post with Wraith Scribe, all you have to do is enter the length of the article and a keyword or phrase that you want to be included in the text. The AI-powered editor then takes over, automatically researching related keywords and writing an SEO-optimized blog post within 1 click! You can further customize your content by sprinkling in any additional keywords you would like at any given time during this automated process. This streamlined approach makes it incredibly easy for users to quickly create quality content without having to go through long processes of vetting outlines or talking points manually as with Copy.ai - great news for those who are pressed for time!

Additionally, since articles generated from Wraith Scribe pass through unique algorithms that detect AI-written material, there's no worry about your work being flagged as AI-written by third-party systems. All these features point towards one major benefit: automation saves precious time while still delivering quality results.

Wrapping It Up

The benefits of automated processes with Wraith Scribe are unparalleled. You can generate blog posts in just one click, saving you time and effort that would have been spent manually creating them. Moreover, the AI-powered editor allows you to easily rephrase or expand upon the existing text with a single mouse click. Additionally, users can sprinkle any desired keywords into their content through a simple interface without having to wade through tedious code. With Copy.ai on the other hand, you need to go through an extensive vetting process for each talking point before being able to finalize your work - something which Wraith Scribe eliminates by offering all these features in just one easy step! What's more, is that this software passes all current AI detectors flawlessly to date, whereas Copy.ai fails.