Write With One Click

Generate content in seconds so you can spend more time on growing your business.
Limited Time "Founding Family" Offer: Early adopters enjoy complimentary add-ons, free, forever, with their membership. Limited to first 20 subscriptions only.

Create High-Quality Content In Seconds

You're overwhelmed. Customer support. Fulfillment issues. Scaling. Marketing. Hiring. You've got no time to also for content. That's why we made this for you.
Let your competitors waste an average of 3-6 hours to write ONE article as they struggle with writer's bloc and spend tons of time writing/editing content...while all you'll need to do to write an article is:
1. Come up with a title
2. Press 'write'
3. Wait 20-30 seconds to get your article.
This means you'll be able to focus all your time and effort on the important stuff while your competitors are stretched thin.

Grow Traffic Without Puking Up Money

Ads are very expensive when compared to organic traffic. But the problem with creating your own content is that it is that it. Takes. So. Much. Time.
Enjoy the best of both worlds with Wraith Scribe. You'll be able to:
1) Make high quality content fast so you'll get high quality traffic effortlessly. And 2) do it without having to sell your kidneys to pay for ads.
Average costs per conversion, across platforms:
This means a 47X better performance per dollar when compared to a good TikTok campaign, and 299X when compared to the average Google ad. Calculations derived from footnotes here.

Practice Safe SERP & Diversify Your Traffic

Ad platforms use imperfect AI to ban users. This means a business only using paid ads fails overnight if they're falsely flagged by an AI and get banned from advertising.

Good entrepreneurs don't let their business be built on a house of cards, so they diversify paid traffic with SEO. Main hurdle with SEO: time-consuming or expensive. We've solved this problem with Wraith Scribe by letting you generate inexpensive, high-quality, SEO-optimized articles fast .

Wraith Scribe vs. Outsourcing

Ads require constant innovation to prevent ad fatigue. Other words:

Ads will always create operational drag.
Evergreen content won't.

When you create evergreen content, you can DIY or outsource it. Assuming you don't have 3-6 hours to spend per article just to test out SEO keywords, here's a comparison Wraith Scribe vs. some common SEO outsourcing routes you can go with:
Wraith Scribe Fiverr Ghost Writer SEO Agency
Cost ~$1/post $3-$5/post $15-$25/post ~$1000/mo
Time ~1 min 1-30 days(1) 1-5 days ~30-180 days
Grammar Depends(2)
Article SEO
Backlinking Depends(3)
(1) Bulk buying articles gets you to $3/post, but turnaround time is 30 days. Buying individual posts are $5/post and turnaround time is quicker (1-3 days).
(2) Some agencies hire cheap writers to keep margins, but some premium agencies hire better writers. YMMV.
(3) Backlinking is not required to grow lots of organic traffic. Some agencies can do good work with backlinking, but some can use low-quality PBNs and ruin your domain authority permanently.

Unique Content, Every Time

The AI works by randomly picking a way to express itself with each word. This means all articles you generate with Write Scribe won't be found anywhere else on the internet and is completely unique.

Edit It All In One Place

AI not perfect? No problem. Just click on the article and edit it like you would in any editor. Instead of spending hours researching and generating content, just spend minutes swapping words out for SEO keyphrases!

Use It Or Don't Lose It

Didn't use all your credits this month? No worries! Any unused credits gets rolled over to the next month. This means if you have months where you don't use all your credits, you won't lose them! They'll just get carried over to the next month. For more details, see our pricing and FAQ below.

Complimentary Bonuses For Early Adopters

As a part of our Founding Family Offer, early adopters will get the following add-ons for FREE, FOREVER. Limited to the first 20 subscriptions.

Bonus 1: SEO Article Wizard

Kill writer's bloc forever. You don't even need to come up with a topic with this tool. Just feed the AI a keyword and it'll come up with a topic and write an SEO-optimized article for you.

Value: $49/month

Bonus 2: Organic Traffic Hacks Checklist

Get the checklist that'll show you exactly how to generate a ton of free, organic traffic for your website. This checklist will show you how to research keywords, what keywords you should look for, and other guerilla tactics we personally use to growth hack websites cheaply. And all in a few pages!

Value: $199


Who owns the content?

You do!

What is this used for?

This is a tool that writes high quality articles and blogs in seconds, so you don't have to. Its primary purposes are to:

- Have you never write from scratch again. Give the AI a topic and you'll get a high quality essay to copy/paste in seconds.

- Help entrepreneurs minimize existential risk by helping them diversify traffic sources away from ad platforms.

- Eliminate writer's bloc forever. Just feed the AI a keyword and it'll come up with a topic and write an SEO-optimized article for you.

- Quickly test SEO-optimized articles for traffic without having to spend hours writing stuff that nobody might read.

- Grow traffic without having to pay for expensive ads or having to spam your website on blogs / forums to manually drive traffic.

What kind of content can your AI generate?

Wraith Scribe is designed to be used for evergreen, long-form content. So whether your niche is in finances, health, or most anything you can think of, Wraith Scribe should be able to help you save 100s if not 1000s of work-hours (assuming an article takes about 2-4 hours to create, including time spent on research). There are some limitations with this AI, which is addressed in the next question.

What limitations does Wraith Scribe have?

This AI CANNOT write anything that isn't evergreen (i.e. writing about recent events). This is because the model is trained on internet data up until late 2019, and has no concept of recent events. Thus, you SHOULD NOT use our product if you're trying to generate news for recent events.

In addition, for security purposes and ethical reasons, we put in filters to prohibit the AI from generating anything that has an extremely negative sentiment. We also prohibit the AI from talking about most political topics. So, if you think you're going to be writing something that's "on the fence", please read our terms and conditions before signing up. Violating our TOS will void you from our guarantees/refunds.

What's a "credit"? And why don't you charge by the number of words?

When generating articles/blog posts: 4 to 5 words is about 1 credit. So 100,000 credits is about 20000 to 25000 words generated. We charge by credits instead of words because a lot of the features we plan to build out for the Wraith Scribe ecosystem will not involve strictly generating text. As a result, charging for the number of words won't make sense in a lot of future cases.

Do I need to worry about repeat content or accidental plagiarism?

No. The AI decides at random what words it will output for a given topic. Thus, it is close to impossible for an AI to generate an identical long-form article word for word, as every single randomly picked word must match.

Why choose you over some other AI writing service?

Most competitors require you to generate articles in a very inconvenient way. For example, you might need to write all the sections out for the AI, and guide it step-by-step in order to generate an article. But our vision is for you to be able to make a good quality article in a single click, so you can have 0 effort in creating content that will help drive passive traffic to your website.

The other competitors that do allow you to create an article in a single click is mostly raising funds for their AI research. Whereas we're here to dedicate ourselves to helping business owners minimize the painful effort of generating relevant long-form content.
Other words: competitors' products require more effort, or will not be dedicated enough to continue shipping better/new features over time. Whereas we're here because it irks us when entrepreneurs waste time doing tedious stuff like writing articles and it's our mission to eliminate inefficiency. And, when you sign up, you're also signing up for a lot more hidden features we'll be shipping in the future for the Wraith Scribe ecosystem at no additional cost to you.

Will AI take over content creators?

No. Most language models are just very good pattern recognition after reading everything on the internet (with some very basic cause and effect reasonong). But as there are limitations to what even the most cutting-edge AI can do, we don't think it will ever 100% replace human ingenuity and creativitiy.
We DO believe though, that while AI isn't perfect, it is an extremely effective tool to 10X the productivity of entrepreneurs. Other words: AI tools aren't meant to replace people -- they're meant to be used by people to skyrocket their productivity.

This AI won't be able to write in my specific voice, so I'm out.

The primary objective with this tool is to save time. And in having generated and gathered data on hundreds of articles, we find that not all articles get traction. As a result, we think writing every article and perfecting it to your voice is a huge waste of time, and we believe the highest return you can get with your time is as follows:
1. Use Wraith Scribe to generate a lot of articles.
2. Over time, see which articles get traction via Search Console, or some other tool.
3. Once (and only when) an article has proven itself to garner some traction, should you go back and invest the effort in perfecting it to your own voice.

Other words: we believe the best use of time is to test out articles and then see if you get traction for it first, and then and only then do you put in the effort of perfecting the article. It is analogous to spending years perfecting an idea before showing anybody vs. launching an MVP and using empirical data to improve upon it. Using Wraith Scribe is like MVP'ing articles/keywords and then using empirical data to inform you as to whether or not you should invest the extra time perfecting the article.



  • 625K credits, about 125 articles/mo
  • About 80¢/article
  • Unique content every time
  • Perfect for content creators

    BONUS 1: SEO Article Wizard
    (VALUE: $49/month)

    BONUS 2: Organic Traffic Hacks Checklist
    (VALUE: $199)
  • 30-Day Guarantee (See Below)


  • About $1/article
  • 100K credits, about 20 articles/mo
  • Unique content every time
  • Use code WRAITHY on checkout for 50% off, forever. Limited to first 20 early adopters.

    BONUS 1: SEO Article Wizard
    (VALUE: $49/month)

    BONUS 2: Organic Traffic Hacks Checklist
    (VALUE: $199)
  • 30-Day Guarantee (See Below)


  • 4M credits, about 800 articles/mo
  • About 50¢/article
  • Unique Content every time
  • Best value
  • Perfect for agencies with clients

    BONUS 1: SEO Article Wizard
    (VALUE: $49/month)

    BONUS 2: Organic Traffic Hacks Checklist
    (VALUE: $199)
  • 30-Day Guarantee (See Below)

Our 30-Day "Kick A Puppy" Guarantee

If you're not happy, we're not happy.
If for ANY reason, you wouldn't kick a puppy to keep using Wraith Scribe within the first 30 days of your puchase and you meet these 2 requirements:
1. You haven't used more than 20,000 of your credits yet (to prevent abuse).
2. You haven't downloaded the Organic Traffic Hacks Checklist (the hacks seen here can't be unseen once downloaded).
Simply contact us and tell us why we suck, and we'll give you your money back!


  • (1) From Wordstream research. For Google Shopping. Google Ads as an aggregate has a much higher average cost, about $80.89/conversion.
  • (2) From Wordstream research.
  • (3) From Tik Tok. NOTE: The case study is promoted by Tik Tok as an outlier case study. Thus, it should be noted that the $6.17/conversion is optimistic and realistic Tik Tok advertising cost per conversion will be a lot higher for an average campaign.
  • (4) Assumes a 16% average conversion rate for organic results based on this research. Assumes 1 post = 50 clicks/mo for longtail keywords with <=0.2 competition and a volume ~100/mo. Also assumes it costs you $1 per article. In our sample of SEO'd articles optimizing for longtail keywords, we actually get about 100 clicks/mo per article (achieved with 100% on-page SEO only, with NO link building), so the $0.125 (rounded up to $0.13) figure above is pessmistic by about a factor of 2. NOTE: Even with this highly pessimistic figure, if your performance is worse by 10X ($1.3/conversion), your cost per conversion will still be roughly 5X less expensive than a near-best case Tik Tok ad.