How Much Do Blog Writers Make Per Article?

How much I make using AI to write for me as a freelance writer, per article.

Feb. 6, 2023

Are you wondering how much blog writers make per article? It's a valid question, as the amount of money that can be earned from writing blogs can vary significantly. From experienced professionals who write health and wellness articles to beginners just starting in the field, many factors will affect your potential earnings which can range from $.05 to $1 per word. In this post, we'll look at some key elements to consider when estimating what kind of remuneration you might receive for blogging services. Learn how much I personally make as a blog writer per article (as a freelance writer), and what some industry standard rates are. Finally, we'll cover strategies and tips that can help increase your income as a blog writer.

Estimating Your Earnings

Several factors influence how much a blog writer is paid for an article. These include the length of the article, the complexity and depth of content required, and the topic being covered. Additionally, experience in writing blogs may also play a role in determining compensation for an individual assignment. To get an accurate estimate of what you could make per article as a blog writer it's important to first research average salaries for this profession across different markets or platforms.

As an example, content mills like PureContent will pay you 3 to 5 cents per word for a blog post. Those blog posts are generally going to require less expertise, and have fewer guidelines. Conversely, something like can pay you up to 10 cents per word; the tradeoff is that their requirements in each piece of blog content are a lot more stringent and requires a lot more time to complete each blog post. At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide between the tradeoff of how much work you're willing to put in vs how much you get paid per article.

Additionally, when researching how much blog writers make per article, it's important to consider the type of industry they are working in. Generally, those who write for health and wellness blogs tend to make more than those writing about travel or lifestyle topics. Additionally, the frequency with which you write as a blogger will directly impact your earning potential; if you're producing several articles each week versus just 1 or 2 a month, then your payment rate per article may be higher. You should also factor in additional benefits such as bonus payments or royalties that could increase your overall earnings.

Qualifications For Creating Blog Content For Clients

When it comes to blogging, having the right qualifications is key. Blogging requires a special set of skills such as writing, editing and research. It also helps to have a basic understanding of HTML coding or SEO marketing to make your blog stand out from others available on the web. Most bloggers typically need at least some college education in journalism, communications or English but many employers require higher degrees like an MA or Ph.D. in these fields for more advanced positions. Additionally, those with prior career experience related to their desired topic are especially attractive candidates for competitive gigs that often come with bigger payouts and longer-term projects; this kind of work may earn them up to five figures per post.

To become a successful blog writer, it's important to have certain professional skills. These include writing and editing skills, as well as knowledge of the specific field in which you'll be blogging. Writing should be done at an appropriate level so that readers can understand what is being written; those who want to specialize in more technical topics need to know how to communicate complex ideas effectively. Good editing skills will help ensure articles are error-free and meet quality standards. Plus, having some web design experience makes it easier for writers to create visually appealing blogs that draw viewers’ attention. Ultimately, understanding exactly how much blog writers make per article requires knowing these key qualifications before embarking on the journey toward success.

How Much Do Blog Writers Make Per Article? Industry Versus. My Results

For me, when I did a 20-day experiment where I wrote for various content mills, I earned anywhere between $50 to $100 per article. This was at an average rate of about 5 cents per word. Thus, you can make some money as a freelance writer even if you're a complete beginner. By using an AI blog writer like Wraith Scribe, the $50-$100 you earn per blog post takes a lot less work, saving you time and energy in the process.

When considering how much to charge for blog writing services, the most important thing is to make sure that you are paid a fair rate. It can be difficult to set prices per article without knowing the scope of work or your client’s budget. There are industry standards that may help set an estimate, such as charging $0.05–$1 per word depending on experience and research involved with each post. It is also beneficial to consider what other freelance writers in your field typically make per article when setting rates so you don’t undersell yourself or become overwhelmed by workloads due to low payouts. Once the pricing agreement has been made between both parties, it's time for creating a contract that outlines expectations and payment terms for all future projects - something every successful blogger should have in place before embarking on their journey.

Writing a contract for your clients is an essential step in setting prices and establishing the terms of service. When writing out a contract, you should include how much you will be paid per article, any deadlines that must be met, what rights to the work are being transferred (such as copyright or royalties), and any other important details. Additionally, it may also be wise to specify if revisions or edits will incur additional fees so there are no misunderstandings later on. The more detailed your contract is upfront, the better understanding both parties have about their agreement. This can help ensure smooth transactions going forward and prevent possible disputes from arising in the future.

Strategies to Increase Your Blog Business Earnings

When it comes to monetizing your blog writing, one of the most effective strategies is creating longer posts with more content. This could mean lengthening existing articles or combining several related topics into a single post. Longer pieces generally take more time and effort to write, but they can bring in significantly higher earnings per article than shorter ones. They also have the potential for organic traffic growth since readers are likely to spend more time engaging with the content if it’s extensive. Additionally, blogging platforms often reward high-quality long-form content by increasing visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) or recommended reading lists for other visitors of their website. As such, producing detailed articles can be an excellent way for writers to generate greater revenue from their work while also cultivating reader loyalty over time.

Blog writers can increase their income by offering supplementary services and products related to the articles that they write. For example, a blog writer might offer an eBook with additional material or resources in it for readers who want to dig deeper into the topic of their article. They could also offer consultation services, where they provide one-on-one guidance on related topics in exchange for an hourly rate or a flat fee per session.

Benefits Of Writing Blog Content For Clients

As a blog writer, you enjoy the freedom and flexibility to work on your own terms. You have complete control over when to write and which topics you want to explore, so there's no need for strict schedules or daily routines. This allows you to take on as many projects as possible without having to worry about time constraints—the more articles you write, the higher your chances of earning bigger paychecks. With varied subjects and niches available online, it’s easy for writers like yourself to look for much-needed variety in their writing careers. How much do blog writers make per article? It depends on how experienced they are.

As a blog writer, you have the advantage of exploring different topics and areas of interest. You can write about hobbies, personal experiences, current trends or even politics. Writing in different niches provides more variety than just sticking to one topic - allowing you to gain experience in multiple fields while also broadening your knowledge base. Furthermore, having access to such an array of topics allows you to choose those that fit your skillset best and maximize how much money blog writers make per article estimate for each piece.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms To Market Your Blog Business

Having a strong online presence through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is key for blog writers who are looking to make the most out of their articles. These platforms can be used to showcase your writing skills and increase visibility so potential clients may find you more easily. Through these social media channels, you can share images or stories related to your work that will help promote your brand and draw attention from others in the industry. Additionally, when readers interact with content posted on these sites it increases exposure leading to even more interested parties learning about what you do. When used effectively, leveraging social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook could potentially result in higher earnings for blog writers per article than those without an established presence on these sites.

Using social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be a great way to attract potential clients for your blog writing services. By creating an online brand presence on these platforms, you are increasing the visibility of your work so people can find it more easily. You should post content regularly (e.g., articles or blog posts) that showcase your best writing skills to gain followers and leads who may eventually become paying customers. Additionally, you should engage with other writers in the industry by liking their posts or commenting on them which will help build relationships within this community and further grow your network of potential clients who could hire you for blog article projects.

Maximizing Your Earnings as a Blog Writer

Blog writers can expect to make different amounts depending on the topic, length and frequency of articles, as well as their experience level and the platforms or markets they work in. Qualifications for blogging include specialized skills such as writing, editing HTML coding and SEO marketing. Establishing fair industry rates before starting any project is key to ensuring all parties involved have realistic expectations when it comes to payments. By registering your business and creating an online presence you can set yourself up for success by networking with experienced professionals and researching how much other blog writers are making per article. To increase their earnings even further blog writers should look into offering supplementary services like eBooks, consultation services or physical merchandise related to their articles while still enjoying the freedom that comes with being a blogger.