AI results

10× Your Results, Not Your Work

A laundry list of the best SEO practices automated for you. Never worry about SEO again.

Writes content based on closest embeddings to keywords

Errs towards more comprehensive content

Adds "nofollows" to external links to maintain link authority

WordPress URLs are shorter, and keyword-rich

And more...

No idea what any of this means? Good.

That's the whole point of automating this mundane stuff. So you can focus on what you do best: your business.

Big picture after reading website:


Relevancy Score:


Articles Without AI's Bulls**t

Our AI does automatic research before writing articles to ensure high quality. Based on OpenAI's breakthrough paper. Our AI automates high-quality articles by:

  1. Reading a bunch of articles related to your topic.
  2. Picking only the most relevant and insightful information for your article.
  3. Using this research to write your articles.

Kind of like how a real person does it. All this effort so your content is useful enough for readers to build trust in your brand.

Wordpress integration

Don't Waste Time Copy Pasting

Wraith lets you publish to your Wordpress. We'll do the following in the background to improve your search engine rankings:

Add keyword-rich meta description.

Feature image + article images included, with alt text

Images are AI-generated to avoid any copyright issues

Pick or make appropriate WP categories for your article

Publish to posts, or pages, depending on your strategy

Connect as many WP accounts as you want.

Artificial Intelligence has transformed numerous industries, including transport, healthcare, and finance. Now the digital media industry is seeing similar innovations.

AI can even help Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where it relevancy and user experience is improved by personalizing search results.

Save Time Editing With AI

Want to edit your article? Use our editor to do anything. Easily make your readers more engaged with your business and more likely to buy.

Make text easier to read by simplifying it

Rephrase text so it sounds just right

Expand text so it's more comprehensive

Drag and drop images

1-click search / swap royalty-free images

...And lots more. Read our docs here to learn more.

Oh yeah, and because this editor's powered by AI, you can do all this in 1 click.

Designed to be future-proof

They're 100s of AI SEO writers out there. Most don't pass AI detectors because they assume AI content will never be penalized. They also think policies will never change. And, it's hard.

So, only a few claim they can pass AI detectors.

Even fewer actually pass.

And the ones that actually pass are usually:

  1. Expensive, so it's hard to make many articles with them.
  2. Adding grammar mistakes to fool detectors. Forces you to have expensive, poorly-written articles.

Wraith future-proofs your content by using our sister-software, Mochi Human Text. We don't pass detectors by adding grammar mistakes. We bypass detectors by making text fundamentally sound human. This means your content lasts for the long-term.

And we found a way to do it affordably, so you can easily scale your content.


Don't get bullied by SEO 'gurus' telling you to spend $1000+/mo just so they can do shady tactics that leave you in a bind. Wraith approaches SEO with data-driven 1st principles instead. Other AI SEOs might charge up to $28 per article which is obnoxious. Instead, we deliver superior content starting at under $3.

All plans come with:

  • 1-click article
  • AI content editor
  • Evades AI detectors
  • Royalty-free AI images
  • Unlimited Wordpress accounts

Try us out with our pay-per-article option with our Happy Writer Guarantee. Then upgrade to a subscription if you like us.

Pay Per Article


  • No subscription required
  • Happy Writer Guarantee 👇

Our Risk-Free Happy Writer Guarantee:

Try up to 10 articles. Unsatisfied? Full refund within 60d of purchase. Just email us or let us know on the chat on the bottom right.

Like it? Grab a subscription, we'll refund the difference for articles bought in the last 60 days.

E.g: Buy 50 at $2.8/article, upgrade to $2/article plan, get $40 back.


  • Credit Rollover

Unused articles carry over to the next month. Never worry about having to use them all up each month!

(20% OFF)


360 articles/yr


USD / month, billed annually

    • $1.85/article (20% OFF)
    • For getting initial traffic


1200 articles/yr


USD / month, billed annually

    • $1.6/article (20% OFF)
    • For growing & scaling traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this used for?
This is a tool that lets you write blog posts in 1-click to get traffic for your business, so you don't have to do it manually, or settle for a low-quality AI SEO tool.
Who's this made for?
Wraith's mainly built to serve busy business owners that want to focus on the fun things in their business, instead of wasting time writing text content.
Another AI writer? How's this different?

Unlike other AI SEOs, we:

Bypass AI content detectors

Do external research

Internal + external linking

12+ data-driven SEO best-practices in every article.

Superior quality articles, while being generally more affordable

All automated so you don't have to lift a finger.

Oh, and also the chat support on the bottom right goes to the founder's phone directly. So customer support isn't outsourced and hidden behind a large company, and you'll be taken care of.

Who owns the content?

You do! Anything you write with Wraith Scribe, is yours.

Does this use real-time data?


Can I change my plan after I signup?

Yes. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. But it won't take into effect until your current billing period's over. If you want it to be more instant, just contact us on the chat window on the bottom right, and we'll swap it over for you.

Can I ask for specific features?

Yes, as long as it improves the quality of long-form content and/or ease-of-use, we are happy to do it.

Why do plans start at 30 articles/month? Don't you have anything smaller?

Our strategy relies on many articles. If your strategy is only to write a few articles for a website, you won't get results. If you were Google, would you have a website that only has a few blog posts show up in search results? Probably not.

To prevent having to lock into a subscription before you've tried us out, feel free to try us out with our "pay per article" option, which is backed by a 100% money back guarantee! And if you ever feel the urge to upgrade, just let us know after you've upgraded and we'll refund you the difference!

Are your subscriptions backed by a money-back guarantee?

Due to cost limiations, we are unable to do this. Only our pay-per article option is backed by a money-back guarantee, for up to 10 articles. We urge you to try that out first! If you like it, feel free to upgrade. If you hate it, feel free to ping us for a refund (within 60 days of your original purchase)!

What kind of content can your AI generate?
Any long form content in any niche you can think of, as long as it doesn't violate our TOS.

For articles that can be written with knowledge you can find on the web, you can just give it a keyword and let it do its thing. For more specific posts that require proprietary information not found online, you should give Wraith a longer description and we'll do the rest.

Refer to our docs on how to get the most flexibility out of Wraith.
What limitations do you have?
We do not allow for violative content, as outlined in our Terms Of Service.
Will unused credits go away?
No. Unused credits get moved over to the next month. As long as you don't cancel (which triggers a database deletion of your account's data for security reasons), your credits will never disappear.
Do I need to worry about plagiarism?
No. We've done extensive research and implementation on how to write in a unique way that will avoid plagiarism and bypass AI detectors. Check out our sister software here for more info.