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What can Wraith do?

Articles in 1 click
Press "write" and get a well-researched SEO'd article.
Add unique insights, fast
Easily add your unique insights so your articles show E-E-A-T.
Pick number of words
Choose between 500 to 4000 words, according to your needs.
Many Wordpress Accounts
Link your WP accounts and post for any of them.
AI content editor
Paraphrase. Expand. Simplify. Or inject SEO phrases in your paragraphs. All in 1 click.
Email backups
Send generated articles to many emails for collaboration, or just to back up.
Auto keywords
No keyword? No problem. We'll automatically generate a focus keyphrase for you. All we need is a topic idea.
Smart internal links
Auto-links to your other blog posts. Down to the H2/H3 section by understanding meaning, and not just from keywords.
Auto, easy images that are free to use
Auto featured image and body text images, with SEO'd meta description and alt text. Search, swap in 1 click.
Auto categories
AI picks the most appropriate WP categories for you based what's on your website.
Listicle detection
We can actually count. Need a "Top 27" list? Done. Up to 50 per article.
Detector evasion
Freelance writers can rejoice. And SEO pros can future-proof themselves.
Data-driven keywords
Keyword ideas to make your article rank higher. Made and improved from your rivals' data.
Credit rollover
If you don't use all your articles, they can be used next month! Don't worry about losing them.
Here to help
Your chat support messages go to my phone so it'll never be missed.
Makes articles that use info from trusted websites. Auto links to them so your posts rank even higher!
Batch articles (coming soon)
Make many blog posts in a single click so your entire blog's on autopilot.
Get Started
All-in-one plan Chat support

Extra Perks For Members


Total Bonus Value: $800

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Dominate Long Form With Wraith Scribe

The Highest Quality Article Generator Platform

10× Your Results,
Not Your Work

We do a lot in the background to make the best articles.

Want more people to see your website? Want to write faster so you can make more cash?

Use Wraith your way to do things faster and make more money.
Get unparalleled SEO results

Write with More Control, With No Hard Work

So easy a T-Rex with its tiny arms could do it.

Put your prompt(s) in, pick options, and you're done. Smart enough to know if you want to write a listicle or a regular article. Fine-grained control in just a few clicks. No more bad AI outputs.

Hover or tap on the red dots to learn more. Or see the user guide below if you want to know a lot more.

AI Content Editor

Sayonara, lengthy editing process!

Add your je ne sais quoi and polish long texts in minutes.

Correcting grammar? Paraphrasing? Expanding or simplifying text? Want to find and swap images? Do it all in 1 click.

Need to add an SEO keyword? Instead of awkwardly stuffing it in, just click a button and Wraith Scribe will add it for you. No more time-consuming nor ineffective keyword integration.

Wordpress Ready. Even If You Have Many Sites.

Whether you need to run your affiliate empire or manage a bunch of client Wordpress sites, we got you.

Add as many WP accounts as you want in a few clicks and publish directly to any of your websites.

Wordpress categories? Feature images? Meta descriptions?
All done for you, on auto.

Auto Research & Smart Links

Links are the backbone of SEO. Wraith auto-adds internal and external links for you.

Save hours on research and finding down links. Get accurate writing that can keep up with current events. All with optimal SEO. All in 1 click.

Data-Driven SEO Suggestions

Get data-driven keyword ideas based on your competitors. Know exactly how many times you should use them in your article.
And with our AI Content Editor, you can add any keyword in just 1 click.

Never guess again with your SEO, or spend hours researching the competition.

Simply follow the suggestions to maximize your chances of ranking.

Detector Evasion

AI writing is the future, but many organizations don't want to admit it. So they use AI detectors to ban AI-written text.

Search engines may tolerate AI text now, but they change their minds often. And you don't want to be stuck having to rewrite 1000s of articles to "un-AI" them years down the line.

That's why we've built Wraith to undetectable.
As of writing, it passes GPTZero, Copyleaks, and more.
Productivity ninja escaping anti-AI troglodytes
Passes Persona.ai

Evades Sapling

Undetectable by Text Classifier

Evading GPTZero
We beat their own example by 3 points. Oops!
Bye bye, Copyleaks

Waste Nothing. Your Credits Roll Over.

We understand that life gets crazy. And we understand that work can vary each month.

Like Mickey Mouse's magic that's always there, your credits will be too! Unused credits move to the next month. So, if you don't use all your credits, it's okay. You won't lose money.

Help's Everywhere

Feel like you might need guidance? We've got you covered.

Up-to-date docs here if you're ever confused about anything.

Chat support in the bottom right of your screen goes to my phone, so you'll always get help.

Third, you can always reach out in our new Discord. Notifications also go to my phone.

Or ping me the old fashioned way through email.

No matter how you like to communicate, I'm always here to help you.


Everything you need to know to get started with our AI blog writer.

So...another AI content writer? How's this different?

We compare ourselves with popular tools here and here. (Yes, they're written by Wraith)

Most other AI writers are not long form, unless you count 500 words as "long form." We go up to 4K+ words, depending on your needs. The other problem with other AI writers is they're made by pure coders. Or worse, pure marketers. This means it's either not usable, or you'll get a tool that's all fluff with no substance.

Wraith Scribe's made by a solo founder. With 16+ years of coding and 8+ years of marketing. This means you get a tool that's both powerful and easy to use.

Lastly, and the most telling: most other founders just make the tools and collect the money. We eat our own cooking and use this ourselves. Because it's the best in the market.

Who owns the content?

You do! Anything you write with Wraith Scribe, is yours.

What is this used for?

This is a tool that writes high quality articles in 1 click, so you don't have to. Wraith's mainly built to serve:

  • Freelance writers. Speedrun work and use your extra free time to get more clients, thus maximizing your $/hr.
  • Affiliate marketers. Save time writing so you can use your time doing highest ROI activities. Like finding good partners or products to recommend.
  • SEO specialists. Skip the boring writing so you can focus on finding the best keywords. More time freed up for you to find more clients.
  • Businesses that want more traffic. Break free of the vicious ad cycle to get more customers.

Does this use real-time data?

Yes. As long as the "external links" option is turned on, Wraith will search the web for the latest data as a basis to write your article.

Can I change my plan after sign up?

Yes. Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. But it won't take into effect until your current billing period's over. But contact us first if you go from monthly -> annual because we need to give partial refunds for unused credits.

Can I ask for specific features?

Yes, as long as it improves the quality of long-form content and/or ease-of-use, we are happy to do it.

Why do plans start at 30 articles/month? Don't you have anything smaller?

Our strategy relies on many articles. If your strategy is only to write a few articles for a website, you'll get bad results. Paying for Wraith for less than 30 articles a month is a waste of money. That said, we are planning to provide a la carte pricing in the future, if you really want to do it that way.

What kind of content can your AI generate?

Any long form content in any niche you can think of. As long as it doesn't violate our TOS. For more generic articles, you can just give it a keyword and let it do its thing. For more specific posts, you should give Wraith a longer description and we'll do the rest. Refer to our docs on how to get the most flexibility out of Wraith.

There are some limitations though, which are covered in the next question.

What limitations do you have?

We do not allow for violative content, as outlined in our Terms Of Service.

Will unused credits go away?

No. Unused credits get moved over to the next month. As long as you don't cancel, your credits will never disappear.

Do I need to worry about repeat content or accidental plagiarism?

Unlikely. The AI decides at random what words it will output for a given topic. So it's almost impossible for an AI to generate an identical article. Also, we made it so that the way it writes is unique to further solve this problem. Many tests run gives 0%-5% plagiarism (most are 0%). We'll also add scan with Copyscape in the future to do even better.

What's expected from me?

SEO and affiliate marketers: Find good keywords and feed it to Wraith Scribe. Sometimes, you should put in a long description to add your EEAT. Once you see results from Search Console, we advise you go back and amplify your results by SEO'ing it more.

In short: find good keywords, make lots of articles-as-MVP. Once some posts do well, make the them even better. This will save you the most time.

For freelance writers: Give Wraith the topic or the content brief and let it take care of the rest. Don't tell anyone you're using this. Don't turn in your assignments too quickly. You'll get caught: they don't need an AI detector if you turn in 10K words in a couple hours.